Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steve Jobs is the Elvis of the personal computer

Steve Jobs is the Elvis of the personal computer. Will people claim that Jobs lives after he dies?

But unlike Elvis, all these stock fears seem to suggest he is worth more alive than dead. Therefore, if Jobs' possible passing is being kept secret for financial reasons, then shame on anyone involved in the secrecy--it actually does not speak on the value of his life but that of Apple. Rather, if his possible passing is being kept secret for privacy reasons and respect for him and his family, I am as well as everyone else should be satisfied and content.

I have much more respect for Steve Jobs than I do with Apple. Notice how I make a distinction between the two. Not enough people do, unfortunately. And if we were purposely led to believe that there is no Apple without Steve Jobs, well shame on those people who pushed that idea.

And if Jobs was part of that idea, then perhaps the best thing he can do is say goodbye and resign before he passes, not the other way around. The best thing Apple could do is disassociate the company from the man. Perhaps it's too late to start.

I have no interest in using or developing for Apple products, but I hope Jobs recovers. This is all being played like a game of poker: the very notion that this is being kept secret is more or less a good sign, meant to keep others from folding their hands in the hope that they have a good hand (which can be likened to Steve returning).